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Thanks to Alan Darby, BBB #20
owner for originating the
Team-EM Bat-Signal!

  Steve Charland      All EMs & EM hacks  Sunny California

  Al "AL", R.I.P.

link    All '70s EMs  Grass Valley, CA
  Jeff G link    Gottlieb EMs  Indianapolis, IN
  Marvin G    '50s and '60s Gottlieb EMs  Connersville, IN
  Rick      EMs from the 50's on...  Rochester Hills, MI
  Chris Hibler link    Gottlieb EMs  St. Louis, MO
  Cliff "Cliffy" link    Pinball, what else?  Bay Area, CA
  Russ "GoCatGo"      '60s and '70s Gottlieb EMs  West Hurley, NY
  Jim "Gott Lieb?" link    All EMs  Harrisburg, PA
  Jeff "4Way"      '70s EMs  Brooklyn, NY
  Ken      Bally EMs  Chicago, IL
  Todd      All EM pins...  
  Mike O    Gottlieb EMs  Overland Park, KS
  Carl W link    Gottliebs w/Drops, AABs  Acton, MA
  Pat G      Gottlieb EMs  Butler, PA
  Fwed      Driving the Team-EM bus!  Connecticut
  Brian S      Bally EMs  Lerna, IL
  Don O      All EM pins...  Glenelg, MD
  Steve Y link    Williams/Bally EMs  Cleveland, OH
  Kerry I link    All EMs  Rochester, MN
  Sean K        All EMs  USA

Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons project

Ken Walker, one of our Team-EM buds, is lending a hand to Greg Freres and Dennis Nordman with the
"Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" retro-pinball project. Congratulations Ken!
The rest of us are (I'm sure) quite envious of this honor!
Surf on over to the link below for more info. Cool project!

With great sadness, we mourn the loss of one of our Team-EM founders, Al Garber, who passed on April 3rd, 2009.

Paula Radl created a "Pinball Tribute" to Al which is featured in this months GameRoom Magazine.
See it here. Nice work Paula!

This picture was taken at Pin-A-Go-Go 2009
We are standing in front of Al's favorite game, "Spanish Eyes"
Pictured L-to-R: Chris Hibler, Steve Charland, Jon "Man Cub" Garber, and Cliff Rinear

Over 1,000,000 happy EM owners cheerfully served! Really!*
Catch us on

Confirmed Fix Count

~A journey of a thousand relays begins with one "stepper"~
- Dr. AL Garber, circa December, 2006

  Pictures, Cartoons, and Articles

    A few pics of some Team-EM folks at Allentown, 2007, can be found here.
    Chris Hibler and Jeff Geisting, representing Team-EM at the Texas Pinball Festival.
    Steve Yates, Brian Saunders, Don Owen, Jim Palson, Pat Gallagher, Russ Cashdollar, and Chris Hibler at Allentown, 2009.
    The Team-EM quick-check method, as performed by Dr. AL Garber.
    Re-engineering a Gottlieb Lucky Hand to include BOTH WOW and novelty scoring features! - by Steve Charland
    Replacing Gottlieb EM drop targets - by Jim "Gott Lieb". It just ain't that hard!
    Rust removal - by Mike O - ***coming soon***
    Oddball coinop equipment - by Pat G - ***coming soon***
    Flattening Playfield Plastics - by Chris Hibler
    A nice "hack" to fix the 1975 Gottlieb Fast Draw scoring/timing issue - by Steve Charland and Chris Hibler

  How can Team-EM best help you?

    Simple. Send up the Team-EM signal (shown above, right).
    Or, more practically, post your problem on RGP with complete, detailed information.
    Posting titles in this format will get the attention of Team-EM: "
Tech EM: <insert problem statement here>"
    For example, something like this: "
Tech EM: Gottlieb Spirit of '76 not resetting target banks"

    Including the answers to these questions in your post is VERY helpful:
    1. Is this a new game, or have you had it in your collection for a while?
    2. Has the game always (since you've owned it and before if known) exhibited the symptoms or are these new symptoms?
    3. Do you have the schematics and are you comfortable reading them?
    4. What is your general level of experience with EM pins (my first pin, able to make simple repairs, understand the schematics and
        how circuits work, etc.)

    Once a solution is verified to have fixed the problem, we ask that you post your results on RGP to help others who might
    come across this very same issue sometime in the future. Future "googlers" will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  What is Team-EM?

    Team-EM is a group of EM devotees interested in keeping these engineering marvels working and helping others to fix their games.
    Note that being an EM devotee doesn't mean that we don't love SS games too.

  Why is there a Team-EM?

    Well, just for the heck of it. RGP is about pinball, sharing knowledge, helping others, making good friends, and adding at least a
    little humor to our daily lives. Team-EM is just one way to accomplish these things and to increase the signal-to-noise ratio on RGP.
    And...we're all a bit...a..."touched", you know, like the Irishman in "Braveheart".

  Does Team-EM deal exclusively with EM Pinball?

    Heck no. We love all pinball and will try to lend a hand when we can. We just love our EM pins a wee bit more.

  What if you "stump" Team-EM?

    With all the expertise we've assembled, I wouldn't guess that this will happen very often (we say with maximum humility).
    However, if Team-EM is unable to lead you down the path to success with your game, we will promise to make a $1
    donation to one of several charities.

  How do you become a member of Team-EM?

    Pretty simple really. You can gain a nomination from a current member of Team-EM by demonstrating your ability to thoughtfully
    help fellow EM owners work through game problems in a methodical manner over a sustained period of time. We place a large
    emphasis on thoughtful responses. We do not enter into flame wars. We always work with the best intentions in mind and accept
    nothing in return but thanks.

  *Um, not really. But maybe someday!